Join us for a remarkable opportunity to learn the songs to the Orishas from Bobi Céspedes, distinguished priestess and folklorist, and one of very few female lead singers (akpwóns) of the Lucumí ceremonial music.  Drawing on sacred chants and stories from the Cuban Yoruba tradition, Bobi will lead us in songs to the divine forces of nature and explore their significance through stories from AfroCuban mythology.  In chants sung in a call and response pattern, we will praise orisha and appeal for positive transformations in our lives, and the live of the planet.

Joining Bobi for the classes are Javier Navarrette on percussion, and Lichi Fuentes on coro. 

This workshop is suited for:

  • Practitioners who want to continue their Orisha studies
  • Practitioners who miss gathering in celebration and praise of Orisha during the stay at home period
  • Musicians and dancers who want to deepen their knowledge of the Lucumí music, whose influence permeates Cuban popular and folkloric music and dance
  • Anyone interested in learning traditional Lucumí chants as a way of honoring nature.

No previous experience is necessary.

Part 4 of the Orisha Song Classes will cover orishas not included in the previous series, from the well-known and beloved, Changó, to lesser known orishas, such as Dada.  We’ll end the series for the year paying respects to the ancestors, with songs for egun

WHEN:  The fourth series begins Monday, October 19th @ 6:00-7:00 pm PST

The classes will continue on Mondays through November 30th.  See dates below.

COST: 6-class series: $45. One class: $10

Orisha Song Classes Register 4

TO REGISTER:  Please click here to register

Multiple online payment options are available. After you register, you will receive the link for the meeting and the words to the chants. The classes will be recorded and made available to students for further study. This will also allow you to "attend" on your own time if you cannot join us live.

Oct 19-Nov 16: Songs to Agayu, Chango, Orula + More & Songs to the Ancestors

  • Monday, October 19th:  Agayu—the spirit of the forces of the earth, symbolized by the power of volcanoes and earthquakes. Patron of travelers.
  • Monday, November 2nd: Changó—the owner of fire and lightning, and patron of music, drumming and dancing.
  • Monday, November 9th: (1) Ibeji—the sacred twins; orishas of joy, glee and mischief. (2) Dada—the crown who lives in the head of all humans from birth to the end of time.
  • Monday, November 16thth: (1) Kori Koto—a child deity who protects children and families, patron of the homeless. (2) Oge—Changó’s companion, defender of his ways and champion of the truth. (3) Oke—the mountain peak and Obatala’s pestle used to produce aché.
  • Monday, November 23rdth: Orunmila—the primordial diviner who knows the future and has the power to influence our destiny.
  • Monday, November 30th: Egun—Songs to the ancestors.
  • 6-class series: $45