Montuno Productions is happy to announce Bobi Céspedes – Mujer y Cantante CD Release Concert, to be live-streamed on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 6:00 P.M. PST (9:00 P.M. EST).
The album Mujer y Cantante, is a rambunctiously danceable, yet tender return to her roots in the Cuban son. With this offering Bobi claims her rightful place as an icon in the tradition of music making and singing that nourished her as a child in Cuba. The inspiration for the album comes from her mother, Dionisia, for whom song was a constant companion. Approaching the end of her life, she presented Bobi with the melody and first stanza for what would become “Mi Canto.” Singing allowed Dionisia to transcend the drudgeries of life. In Mujer y Cantante Bobi gifts us with a collection of songs deeply rooted in the Cuban countryside where she was born, and full of heart and wisdom that serve as a magic elixir to facilitate our own transcendence in hard times.
Gladys “Bobi” Céspedes has been at the forefront of representing Cuban music in the Bay Area and internationally for over 40 years. Bobi’s music integrates Cuban folkloric and modern elements in an authentic and distinctive sound. Her resonant voice and dynamic stage presence lead audiences on a journey from Yoruba incantations to the Cuban son. She can belt out a rumba or move you to tears through a heart wrenching rendition of a classic bolero. Along the way she shares her narratives of family life and love, and the wisdom of Afro Cuban fables. Always present is her chambo—that vibrant Cuban soul–creative and resilient.
The concert will feature a powerful cast of musicians (members of Bobi’s band) to conjure golden renditions of eight original compositions that constitute a journey. Travel with her on a review of Cuban music genres in “Rumbólogo.” Dance to “El Choko Choko.” Enter the house of blessings with “Ilé Mi.” Feel the deep longing for mother on the haunting bolero, “Mamaíta.”
Bobi’s fans will have the option of buying tickets for the pay-per-view live concert as well as a limited-edition, high-quality (music video) DVD.
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These are the steps to obtain the password: First, purchase pay-per-view tickets to watch the live concert. Once you purchase tickets, you will receive an automated email with a link to a web page where the password will be posted within 24 hours before the concert. You will also be redirected to a web page with the same information (link to the web page where the password will be posted). You will also get an email with the password approximately 24 hours before the show.  The concert will be broadcast on Saturday, June 12th, live from Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, CA, where Bobi Céspedes' band will be performing, supported by a team of sound and lighting engineers, as well as a professional videography crew.

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Bobi Céspedes CD Release Concert from Montuno Productions on Vimeo.